Prior to starting Sticky Web Ads, Chris was a Military Intelligence Analyst, Civil Affairs Operative, Vice President of a once Global Apparel Consulting Firm, and Director of Alumni Affairs at the New York Military Academy.

While working at The Ticktin Law Firm, Chris saw an opportunity to put his analytical skills and experiences to use. He noticed the Law firm was not effectively utilizing the change in the digital landscape and convinced the management to give him the opportunity to lead the digital marketing efforts.

It was here Chris discovered his new purpose and quickly realized the new digital marketing landscape is a culmination of his prior experiences and he can take his new skills and help other people in business succeed.

When Chris is not in front of his keyboard, you can find him at the range. Chris is an avid 3 Position (Prone, Kneeling, and Standing) expert rifle marksman and has in the past participated in International Shooting competitions.